Why Cambridge Exams?

September 25, 2009

You say you’re thinking of studying abroad? Where will it suit you? In England? Denmark is it? Fancy Germany? Maybe Holland? Or all the way to America?

You reckon you’re up for the challenge? Well then prove it! Regardless of your destination, the first step you need to take is to acknowledge your English level by taking the well-known Cambridge Examination!

Nowadays English is highly in demand whatever you want to pursue or wherever you may want to go. Many believe they know the-most-popular-language-in-the-world, but few are willing to verify their skills regarding the English language by taking an exam.

What can a couple of hours in the exam offer you? The answer my friend, is a world of opportunities. The Cambridge Examination Certificate is internationally recognized by most Universities and Companies alike. Need to improve your CV? Or maybe a valuable diploma on your University Application Form? Due to its standard and importance, the Cambridge Examination offers your first pass to a University abroad. Not too shabby isn’t it?

Not only is it useful, but efficient.  It tests your English abilities on every level: from communication skills to reading comprehension to listening practice and writing activities, giving you complete feedback on your English progress. The exam papers are corrected by the Cambridge University in England, one of the most highly regarded and appreciated Universities in the world. You can be sure that the result will reflect your English level precisely and that at the end you will know exactly where you stand and where you need to go further on when it comes to the English language.

WHY CAMBRIDGE? Because it is worth it. Cambridge Exams will open doors for your future. Cambridge Exams offer the starting point of your intellectual journey… a journey which you are ready to make.

It is easy to spend your time chatting on your laptop while watching videos on YouTube and thinking about next night’s party. What about reaching a little higher than all that? Either for your own personal development or for a certain purpose, such as study or work opportunities, the Cambridge Exam takes you one step further in reaching your goal.

You know you got what it takes. Why not let the world know it as well?

Acest articol este scris pentru concursul organizat de centrul de invatare a limbii engleze Shakespeare School, în parteneriat cu amdoar18ani.ro.